Here’s a breakdown of the key must-haves for anyone looking to engage a builder:

  1. Check your builder is a Registered Building Practitioner: you can find out using this link.
  2. Make sure they have adequate Domestic Building Insurance.
  3. Consider getting independent legal advice before signing any building contract or preliminary agreement.

Once you’ve found a builder that’s the right fit for you, they must:

  • Be proactive in communication; see this link to the consumer building guide
  • Be registered in the relevant class and category of the proposed work.
  • Obtain all required building permits.
  • Complete your building project to a high standard required by building regulations, and to your plans and specifications.

On the off chance something goes wrong, and a dispute is raised, having all the right protocols in place means you are entitled to getting what you have paid for and agreed to with the builder.

If your builder does not adhere to all aforementioned items, consider this a red flag. We recommend being diligent in asking the right questions to make sure your investment is sound and, most importantly, you’re happy with the end result.

If you have any queries about your building project, please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to offer advice and support where we can.