​A home reclaimed 

​This McCrae renovation was an engineering feat and a win for sustainability. The homeowner was steadfast in their intention to reuse as much of the original house as possible, which meant incorporating existing and reclaimed materials as well as new materials.

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​​The process of weaving together these different items into a cohesive aesthetic required careful planning and consideration. The wall linings are finished in plaster, and we used pine lining boards, weatherboards, vertical shiplap cladding, wall tiles, joinery panels and corrugated iron. A significant amount of these materials were repurposed or upcycled — including some that were salvaged from other projects.

​Importantly, the home is highly energy efficient. It features multi-zone heating and cooling and a solid wood heater, so it was essential to make sure the building was well sealed while also allowing for cross ventilation. We installed a combination of solar, heat pumps and an electrical instantaneous hot water service to provide efficient hot water to the home. 

​This sustainable extension gave the client the finish they were looking for while reducing rubbish, landfill, waste and resources.​


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