Country lifestyle living

This custom built home in Tuerong provides an inviting and comfortable environment while maximising energy efficiency. It embraces the minimalistic country lifestyle with an attractive design and the latest sustainable initiatives.

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Architecturally designed in conjunction with Mick Pritchard Pty Ltd, the vision for this family home was to provide an inviting and comfortable environment all year round, while maximising energy efficiency.

The house was extensively insulated and orientated north to assist with passive heating and cooling, while sustainable and environmentally friendly Hebel Power panels were used for external cladding, and to provide a robust façade.

Polished concrete floors throughout help radiate winter sun and warmth, while the full perimeter eave line protects the home from direct sunlight during the hot summer months.

The result is a welcoming and attractive energy efficient home that uses minimal external resources for heating and cooling, and provides a model for future builds in this new environmentally aware era.


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